About us

Who we are

Women in Black is a network of women world-wide committed to peace with justice and opposed to war and other forms of violence. We wear black to mourn all victims of war, the destruction of people and of nature. We aim to educate, inform and influence public opinion, to make war an unthinkable option.

Women in Black began with weekly vigils by 15 Israeli women in 1988. They were soon joined by Palestinian women, and soon there were 40 Women in Black groups around Israel and the West Bank. The movement broadened to other conflicts and countries, with women gathering to stand in silence in Belgrade in protest at the Serbian regime, and in London against the Gulf War. In 2001, Women in Black was awarded the UNIFEM Millennium Peace Prize for Women and nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Women in Black Scotland started in Dundee on 8 June 2001, when the Women’s Coalition for Peace in Israel asked that international vigils be held. The vigil was so effective that WIBS was launched, and a leaflet was produced calling for a vigil on 22 September. As it proved, this was just after the terrorist attacks on America, and many people came to the vigil, some from Edinburgh, Kirkcaldy, London and Belgium.

Our silence is visible.